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Shareist is the only app with tools for finding content, scheduling updates to social media, and reusing that content.

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Here's how Shareist works

  1. Discover content for sharing with sources like RSS, Feedly, product and image searches.
  2. Schedule content to be shared to social media into your customized timeslots.
  3. Set content to repeat on a schedule, or recycle when there are no other updates to post.
  4. Content gets saved in your Library for use later in social media, blog posts, and newsletters.
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1. Plan

Plan your content marketing on an editorial calendar. Prepare for production and measuring results by intentifying your audience, setting up campaigns, content sources, and analytics.

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2. Produce

Discover and capture URLs and ideas for reading, sharing, and to use for content for blogs and newsletters, white papers, and eBooks. Collaborate with your team on curating and creating content.

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3. Distribute

Schedule content to social media, publish pages to your connected blogs and email, and export white papers and ebooks. All from one place.

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4. Measure

Measure engagement, traffic, and conversion on your social media and blog posts. Track campaign success through to analytics with automated click tracking.

What's inside?

Capture anything

Links, documents, videos, notes, etc.


Discover fresh relevant content.

Collaborative inbox

A library for all your ideas.

Editorial calendar
Editorial calendar

Plan your content strategy.

Create content
Create content

Build and publish pages easily.

Social stats
Social media

Schedule and share your ideas.

What our customers say

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Shareist Is A Content Management System For Your Content Management System


... the latest tool to help you manage in an age where you sit at the nexus of incoming and outgoing streams of information.


Automatically Create and Share Content Across Different Social Platforms