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Research. Collaborate. Publish. Share.

Shareist is a home base for your content marketing activities.
Capture bookmarks and ideas, share them immediately on social media, and save them for building and publishing pages to your blog.

The problem

Content marketing teams currently use several different tools like bookmarking apps, collaboration platforms, social media scheduling apps, blogging platforms, email service providers, and ebook creation tools. This makes for a complex, disjointed process...

The solution

Shareist brings all of these services together in one place, allowing you to continue using each platform you already use, but in one streamlined, organized process.

Shareist is a content market platform that helps individuals and teams manage their whole content marketing process from beginning to end. Shareist makes it easy to discover content and capture ideas, and schedule them as posts on social media. That content can then be used to create bigger content for blog posts, email newsletters and eBooks.

You can connect all the services you already publish to (like Twitter, Facebook, Wordpress, and Mailchimp) and manage them from one place.

And, you can do all this individually, or as a team.

Our story

Ten years ago, we built and managed a number of niche community websites. We build these websites using our own proprietary technology that was optimized for SEO and paid search to drive traffic. The platform allowed us to easily monetize the sites with affiliate marketing. After using that platform to publish a number of websites, we decided to turn that into a product that other publishers could use. Through multiple life cycles and iterations, the platform evolved as a content marketing platform. That's Shareist.

The founders

Scott Jangro

Prior to co-founding Shareist, Scott has worked in high tech startups for 20 years including at Dragon Systems, Open Market, and managing products at Be Free and Commission Junction until 2004. That's when he left to follow his dream to create his own startup, MechMedia, a publisher building websites serving retail product niches with great content, making money through affiliate marketing. For the past decade, Scott has served as a strong advocate for the affiliate marketing industry winning several industry awards and serving on the board of the Performance Marketing Association from its inception in 2008 until 2012.

Damien Arlabosse

A French chef turned affiliate marketer, Damien also worked at Be Free/Commission Junction where he met Scott. He left the company to pursue positions as a search engine optimization specialist consultant, while turning into a full-time affiliate marketer as he monetized niche websites he built and published.

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